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Who are We

The Chinese Buffet is a chain of restaurants in the North, West and East of England, offering a range of Oriental cuisine. Eleven restaurants have already been established, and now still expanding its operations. It has ambitious plans and the vision is to build a brand that is recognised nationwide.

The business model employed by The Chinese Buffet is both competitive and profitable. The company understands current food culture and market trends, and delivers an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

The Chinese Buffet is unique in its belief that it can shape culture and convention through its exemplary service and its remarkable food.


THE Chinese Buffet grew out of one restaurant in Bolton and expanded regularly across other parts of the UK to 11 restaurants.

We are opening our own centralised production line in Wigan in 2016 to offer better distribution and quality control. Between 2018 and 2020, we plan to continue opening more restaurants of around 250-seats capacity in new areas to ultimately franchise THE Chinese Buffet’s successful brand nationally.

We heavily invest in technology and social media, using the latest marketing and promotional tools, and this has already brought excellent results for our campaigns.

Our Facebook page has grown from 4,000 followers to 100,000 in 20 months. Follow us TheChineseBuffet and on Twitter TChineseBuffet


Driving force

The Chinese Buffet’s management team has many years of experience between them. This experience spans many fields within the food industry, including operations, brand development, marketing and management. Each of the three co-founders makes a vital contribution to the running of the business.

Paolo Hu

Managing Director

Peter Wu


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